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  "Tom Imerito has the unique ability to write about complex and technical subject matter while making it exciting, engaging and relevant to readers with non-technichal backgrounds."



Jonathan Kersting
Director, Visibility Initiatives
Pittsburgh Technology Council


"I have been impressed by Tom's enthusiasm and passion for science and technology. I have interacted with Tom on a few of his projects and have found him to be genuinely interested in understanding the subject matter and portraying it in a manner that is accurate and easily accessible to readers."



Todd M. Osman, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Materials Research Society
"I think your article provides a fantastic look at Pittsburgh's real contribution to the MEMS industry! Your technical grasp of the tech is right-on, and the article is complimentary but not unrealistic. I think it's a great addition to the body of knowledge about MEMS out there and I am grateful for the chance to be involved. Kudos!"



Ellen M. McDevitt
Executive Director
MEMS Industry Group



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